Special Projects

The California County Educational Technology Consortium undertakes a variety of special projects. CCETC also seeks grants when the membership finds it beneficial.

Past and current special projects include:


CaliforniaStreaming.org, our premier project, provides California educators with the best educational multimedia content available, licensed from a diverse group of producers and distributors. Originally hosted on the K-12 High Speed Network in 2006, non-commercial CaliforniaStreaming continues to evolve based on feedback from our valued clients and current trends.



CalSNAP, encouraging good digital citizenship and copyright compliance, searches the premier licensed instructional media content in CaliforniaStreaming PLUS a curated and growing collection of safe and vetted open K-12 visual resources, such as Khan Academy, Pics4Learning, Library of Congress, Common Sense Media, CK-12, and more. Visit CalSNAP.org to link to our current Open Education Resources list from our valued partners. CalSNAP! One place. One search.



CS Core, a free iOS mobile app, provided educators with easy access to the California Common Core Standards with a place to personalize, add notes, and insert links to media assets in CaliforniaStreaming.org.


Preview Days

Annually, a team of CCETC members initially identifies strong content for Preview Days at the National Media Market. The library media and curriculum specialists from CCETC gather for three days to preview and evaluate selected media, align with content standards, and prioritize content for licensing. The best of the reviewed content is made available in CaliforniaStreaming.



Previously, many CCETC counties delivered their services through a portal, allowing single user sign-in and a unique location to aggregate resources. uPortal was a collaboratively developed open source project.