Becky – CaliforniaStreaming

I just wanted to say how much I love CaliforniaStreaming.  It's organized, user friendly, and in my comfort zone.  I frequently use the history documentaries with my students, and am always impressed by the content.

California Streaming Teacher Testimonial BeckyBecky, classroom teacher


This week I am doing a lesson on Native Americans, and after a quick search on CaliforniaStreaming I found there were a variety of instructional videos from which to choose. I often seek out tidbits of information I can offer the class in addition to my read-aloud so this is a perfect tool!

California Streaming TestimonialYolanda, school library paraprofessional in San Diego


I love CaliforniaStreaming! I'm doing a unit on the Iditarod and found videos there I can't find anywhere else. It's great that I can add them to my Google Drive too!

California Streaming Testimonial5th grade teacher in Orland


CaliforniaStreaming is the easiest way to get great quality videos that are always being updated. You never know what you'll get in YouTube. CaliforniaStreaming has no ads and includes valuable and vetted videos. We've had it for 16 years and use it with art, history, science, and art history.

Rhona, teacher in San Diego


I almost started crying in front of 7-year-olds when I couldn't pull up a video on community helpers... so today you are my favorite community helper of all time! CaliforniaStreaming for the win.

CaliforniaStreaming TestimonialCamille, teacher in Pasadena